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Well .. It’s Cirth Runes created by Tolkien

Says Tuo tookeva ( Finnish)
Tuo means to bring
Tookeva means sturdy
On the other side Says noole jauva
Noole means essence
Jauva is a name
Swords were said to have a part of their masters embedded In them

The wolf In Viking lore
Hati ( name meaning “He Who Hates, Enemy”) is a wolf that according to Gylfaginning chases the Moon across the night sky, just as the wolf Sköll chases the Sun during the day, until the time of Ragnarök when they will swallow these heavenly bodies, after which Fenrir will break free from his bonds and kill Odin. Hatí is possibly alluded to in Völuspá as “moon-snatcher”.
Could be something different depending on John Lundemo who created the sword.

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Decided to repost the set of all three Eldrazi because they just need to be together in a single post.
I’m still really fond of them and the gold plating, hopefully I’ll be able to do more of those in the future!

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The #mythical #horror that shall not be named. #sketch #sketchcard #cthulhu #unicorn #unithulhu #OhCrapINamedIt


The #mythical #horror that shall not be named. #sketch #sketchcard #cthulhu #unicorn #unithulhu #OhCrapINamedIt